Service Design Heavily Pushed by Industry Moguls


"Transformation by Service Design in China” was well received as soon as it entered the market. Don Norman, Birgt Mager, Yao Yingjia, Jin Duo, Zhang Bei, Liu Run and other industry moguls from the business, venture capital, media, and design groups and so on.

As the founder of CBi China Bridge, Cathy Huang is expanding the company globally and domestically. Cathy wants CBi China Bridge to have a broader and more global perspective and better serve global and domestic brands. Cathy wants to advocate the practice of Service Design in China. CBi China Bridge is becoming a household name in the field of Service Design; we want to use Service Design to aid in the transformation of different companies. 


What did they say? What connection has there been to CBi China Bridge?


Don Norman and Cathy spoke at the Illinois Institution of Technology during 2010. During Don Norman’s visit at CBi China Bridge, we let him further explore Chinese culture. He appreciates the efforts made at CBi China Bridge to promote service design. 


Cathy met Birgit while speaking at the SDN conference in New York, USA during 2015.  After returning to China, CBi China Bridge became SDN Shanghai chapter. In 2019, CBi China Bridge successfully hosted the first Service Design China Conference. The acknowledgement between the two has led to more creations in the service design industry. 


Yao Yingjia and Cathy Huang are one of the earliest industrial designers in China, who have worked in the most iconic companies in China, or is still serving. At the end of 2018, Yao Yingjia invited CBi China Bridge to Beijing to help Lenovo innovate.


Grand Blue is a listed environmental protection company. In 2015, Jin Duo and Cathy resonated with the topic of sustainable design. After 4 years of companionship, CBi China Bridge helped with Grand Blue’s transformation and witnessed their growth in performance.


Zhang Bei and Cathy met in 2004 and have been working together on service design ever since; from Blossom Hill Inn to Alor Valley Resort.


Cathy and Professor Chen Weiru gathered for the first time during 2014. In 2018, at the press conference of Alor Valley Resort, they gave speeches on the same stage. The industries are different, but their perceptions of service, experience, and future economic development are similar. 


Liu Run was consulting service design expert Cathy in preparation for the 5-minute business school course. Of course Cathy Huang was very insightful, and was very helpful throughout the process and the two have acknowledged each other ever since. 


In 2018, MBAbibles held women’s leadership forum, Wang Wei was an observer. After that, Wang Wei, who is expected to introduce service design to large enterprises, appointed COO to participate in the service design leading class.



Cathy and Qin Shuo met in 2017. In the first issue of Qin Shuo’s “Innovative Chinese People” he included Cathy Huang’s entrepreneurial story “Make a miracle with service design”.


The two met in 2018 at a speech. They’re mothers of mixed children, and are both strong independent women, thus, the two became friends. Cathy Huang considers Gong Xiangwei as an role model.


Tang Weiwei, founder of Zaojiu, is friends with Cathy. After Tang Weiwei started her business, Cathy became the founding investor of the creation, and as a speaker, she shared that “good design is not accidental, it is designed.

Besides these moguls, the “Shanghai Securities News” on June 3rd highly recommended this year’s new book “Transformation by Service Design in China” at CBi China Bridge, and sure enough, they’re a group of friends with a vision.




On April 2019, the “Transformation by Service Design in China” was published by Hua Zhang, the mechanical industry press. After one month of publication, the book became number one searched on service design related topics. It placed 24th on Dangdang new books board.  

Why did this book written by a service designer rank amongst the top 25 management new book board. Why have design college and major business schools started to study service design? What are the different benefits that the business moguls and unicorns who study and practice service design have gained. 

Welcome to the world of service design, embrace innovation, and change the world! 

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