China’s first Portfolio Review Day


Event Summary :

September 10th , 2011 saw the first Portfolio Review Day in China. It was held at Dayuan Design Consultancy , No. 528 Kangding Road, Shanghai . Over 60 students from universities in Shanghai and neighboring cities majoring in product design、graphic design 、fashion design、 landscape design and branding gathered to have their portfolios, CVs and personal statements reviewed.   The session gave students the opportunity to meet designers from different backgrounds. This also gave them a new perspective on the importance of having a design process and the ability to communicate ideas effectively with others aside from just skills and software.  Students can also benefit from encouragement, feedback, and career suggestions  from senior designers with solid field experience and corporate backgrounds.  

“It was an eye-opening session for me and I am looking forward to more exciting events like this in the future …”

“I like the advisors, they are kind and so experienced , can pinpoint the problems  clearly …“

“I was pretty nervous at the beginning because I was afraid my English is not good enough, but I managed to communicate with the advisors, I will definitely need to work more on it but now I have more confidence in myself, thanks ! … ”

“ I took lots of pictures and will share them with my schoolmates who didn’t make it to the event this time and tell them to join in the future …”

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing those happy young faces after the session and made all the effort worthwhile. 

More event snaps can be seen on Dayuan’s Flickr page:

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