Connecting the dots

In an era of expanding knowledge, information and international economic integration- the marketplace is constantly in flux. This is especially true in the field of design innovation. A successful design must be based on mature design thinking and reflect the current market requirements. This context brings new challenges and opportunities not only to the designer, but also to Chinese schools of design. We are facing the problem of how to improve young designers’ ability to use design thinking while still being practical in a shifting market.

As an important first step, Jiangnan University is working to “Redesign Design Education”. On December 18, they invited Cathy Huang -president of CBi China Bridge, China’s leading insight based innovation firm- to share her thoughts on design management. Her speech inspired 300 students and teachers. As a pioneer in Design Management within China, she has an innovative understanding and insight in the Chinese marketing and design. Over 10 years, Cathy and her team at CBi have cooperated with more than 50 local and international enterprises on hundreds of projects.

In her speech, Cathy expressed that developing design thinking is not easy. “To be competitive in design, you need more perseverance, patience, and observation than the other guy. You must have the ability to connect the dots -no matter how far away from each other they may seem.” She shared her insights into innovation and design management through the presentation of several ground breaking case studies and achievements from China Bridge past ten years.

At the same event, Vicky Zhou, China Bridge Human Resources Specialist, took a few moments to present the corporate culture and values behind China Bridge. The Corporate culture ideologies were created using design thinking. Vicky’s presentation was insightful in that- it was presented from a non-designer point of view. This gave the students and teachers a comprehensive understanding of design management. 


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