Culture-based Innovation – CBi China Bridge attends the Asia-Pacific Symposium held in New Zealand

On August 4th – 9th, the Asia-Pacific Symposium on Cultures-Based Innovation was held at Whakatāne, New Zealand. As the only invitee from China, our president Cathy was honored to attend this symposium and share the company’s approach to innovation that how CBi China Bridge, as an insight-based innovation company, applies culture to innovation as a way to inspire. 
The concept of Cultures-Based Innovation grew out of a global innovation meeting at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center in Italy in 2011. It is an approach to innovation that uses heritage and traditional knowledge to drive transformative innovations that benefit communities that experience social, economic and cultural distress. With governments more than ever focused on protecting and expanding their tangible and intangible cultural heritages, the Asia-Pacific region is rich in Cultures-Based Innovation initiatives and projects. However, the primary challenge faced by businesses is how to positively and effectively apply this concept in practice. 
In order to tackle this challenge, the symposium brings together 20 leading designers, design anthropologists/researchers, innovation business consultants and indigenous educators from the Asia-Pacific region. During the symposium, every participant shares their ideas and expertise that enhance and link culturally responsive innovation research and practices. Meanwhile, they also identify and share their resources in order to support the future projects of Culture-Based Innovation that address social, economic and cultural needs across the Asia-Pacific region. 
It is particularly worth mentioning that Cathy along with other participants wrote a song called “World without Culture” as a way to express their deep respect and passion towards culture and innovation. Cathy mentioned she was quite honored to have the chance to attend the symposium, as it builds and extends the network of people practicing Culture-Based Innovation in the Asia-Pacific region.


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