Future of Service Design in Industries


On Wednesday, Cathy Huang gave a speech at the Beijing National Convention Center and expressed her love for Service Design. She has been passionate about this for more than 10 years, and has been heavily promoting it. 


On May 29, the second Service Design China Conference, hosted by COI (China Outsourcing Institute) and DDF (Dragon Design Foundation) was successfully held in Beijing. In 2019, the Beijing International Trade Fair was renamed CIFTIS (China International Fair for Trade in Service) and Cathy Huang participated on the first day, and talked with friends such as Xing Xiangyang, the founder of XXY, Yao Yingjia, Vice President of Lenovo Group, and Professor Hu Hong from Beijing University of Technology. 


The conference will be divided into service design and industrial upgrading transformation sub-forum, cultural and entertainment sub-forum, cultural and entertainment sub-forum, financial innovation sub-forum, travel innovation sub-forum, Environmental Protection Innovation Sub-forum to share service design and chemical reactions between different industries.


CBi China Bridge is fortunate enough to witness the previous Service Design China Conference, sharing the Service Design driven revolution, and also truly feel the rise of Service Design in China. 


On January 10, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, and the General Administration of Customs included “service design”. “Guidance Catalogue for Key Development Areas of Service Outsourcing Industry”. As a key development area, “Service Design”, along with information technology services, e-commerce services, cloud computing services, artificial intelligence services, cultural and creative services, management and consulting services, and big data, portrays the blueprint for the future of China’s economy.

March 25 Apple launches the ALL IN service.

April 23 the first SDN China Conference in Shanghai.

April 27 Alibaba UCAN Conference “Service Design Drives New Retail Revolution” in Hangzhou.

May 28 DDF hosted the China Service Design Conference in Beijing.

July 18 the IXDC conference service design feature section will be unveiled.

More service design events are taking place. Service Design has officially opened for one year in 2019. 




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