CBi China Bridge at London


On the evening of May 23, 2019 at the Swiss Grand Hotel, Shanghai. The founder of CBi China Bridge, Cathy Huang and the CIO (chief innovation officer) Rudy Wimmer attended the London Development Promotion Agency held by the London Mayor International Business Plan Creative Technology Evening Reception 


Creative Technology Representative Group 


The London Development Agency invited 13 entrepreneurs, chairmen and policy makers from the Mayor’s International Business Plan in London to visit China on May 19-24, 2019. Rajesh Agrawal, the Deputy Mayor of Business, led a creative technology group to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Shanghai as their first destination in the Asia Pacific market. The event brings together decision makers from the creative sectors of China and London to explore opportunities and partnerships that foster international growth.

“Mayor’s International Business Programme, MIBP” launched by the Mayor’s Office of London, is dedicated to helping Hong Kong’s high-growth companies in the four areas of innovation, life, sciences, creative industries and urban construction achieve international growth and expansion. The international scale of the enterprise. The group members focus on creative areas such as advertising technology, market communications, content production and artificial intelligence. 

CBi China Bridge and The United Kingdom (UK) 


In 2009, the founder of CBi China Bridge, Cathy Huang, accepted the invitation of the UK Trade and Investment Agency to go to London to participate in the UK Design Innovation Seminar and delivered a speech while visiting a number of top companies and institutions in the UK design industry. 

In 2018, CBi China Bridge established their London office. Cheng Ge, a former senior innovator of Daimler AG with a background in engineering, science and art, joined CBi China Bridge and became the director of the London office. After the establishment of the London office, CBi China Bridge quickly cooperated with the institutions such as WM Motor and DBS Bank. In 2019, CBi China Bridge is planning more cooperation projects with London. 


London Creative Industries

The creative industry is the fastest growing industry in the UK. As a global economic, technological and cultural center, London brings together more than 700,000 international industry talents and contributes nearly half of the economic value added to the UK creative industry. The group selected high-quality creative technology companies with high interest in the Chinese market and visited the Chinese market with the Deputy Mayor of London.

The main purpose of the visit was to understand China’s rapidly growing business ecosystem and strengthen the links between China and London. 

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