Knocking On the Doors of Innovation in the Chinese Market Interviews by ICS and ClarkMorgan

President and Founder of CBi China Bridge, Cathy Huang, was interviewed by the International Channel Shanghai, ICS, and ClarkMorgan on how international companies can establish themselves within the Chinese consumer market.
With the global economy in turmoil, the Chinese market presents attractive opportunities for foreign companies. However, these companies often find themselves ensnared with market conditions that are new and different from their home markets. In ICS’ interview, Cathy mentioned that although most foreign companies are clear about their development strategies and market positioning while Chinese corporations are not - as a result of unclear market  positioning conceptsof Chinese OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) - many overseas ventures would still suffer from severe challenges when they do not understand local market conditions. Different from typical design companies, CBi is a specialized consultancy firm with keen insight into the rapidly evolving Chinese market. Our strengths lie in in-depth research of consumers’ lifestyle and demands, and in the customization of the design principals and guiding rules for our clients: we develop our clients’ product development blueprints that suit the Chinese market and offer the key to bringing innovation into China.
In the interview with ClarkMorgan, Cathy Huang introduced innovation methods with Chinese characteristics. Some designers might not have a thorough understanding of the Chinese market and culture. They would encounter different obstacles during the innovation process. Cathy associated the 5 elements of innovation with the Chinese’s 5 natural elements that correspond to human’s major organs: metal, wood, water, fire, earth. Changes to any element would have an impact on one’s physical condition. According to Cathy, innovation can be broken into 5 elements as well: strategy, leadership, creativity, culture and communication. Likewise, these 5 elements are interlinked; lack of any one element would weaken the overall innovation process.
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