Parsons and CBi China Bridge co-organized DREAM:IN Workshop


20 professors and students from New York’s Parsons The New School for Design visited CBi China Bridge’s new creative space to co-organize DREAM:IN, Shanghai’s debut workshop on harvesting and realizing entrepreneurial ideas. Cathy Huang, CBi’s Founder & President, introduced the company’s design research methodologies, using unique cases from its extensive portfolio. Parsons’ Professor Carlos Teixeira recognized CBi’s contribution to the Design and Innovation industry in China, and earnestly envisions engaging CBi’s designers as mentors to enrich Parsons’ students’ educational journey. Parsons is a worldwide top-ranking school in design.

Cathy shared her inspiring entrepreneurial journey as the first “Big Dreamer” in the two day DREAM:IN workshop on March 29th and 30th as DREAM:IN’s opening speaker. Full of boundless enthusiasm, a student from Parsons expressed, “Your speech struck a chord indeed. It enlightened my life and motivated me so much!”

Parsons expressed their deep gratitude for CBi’s invaluable contribution to DREAM:IN’s achievements. This workshop is the first collaboration between Parsons and CBi, and both wish to continue this fruitful relationship in the second half year’s Dream: In workshop and future events.

DREAM:IN is a design-driven open innovation system and global network of creative leaders, visionaries, innovators, entrepreneurs and activists.Through extensive field work, it harvests the dreams and aspirations of individuals and communities, which are then framed, debated and transformed into entrepreneurial large scale ventures. The goal is to design alternative futures for emerging markets that balance social development, economic growth, and sustainable use of the local environment.
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