Retrospect and prospect

With the New Year approaching, wefind this is the perfect opportunity to share our past achievements with you and to look towards the future of China Bridge.

In 2013 we celebrated our 10th anniversary.  Since its founding in 2003, China Bridge has grown from a passionate idea into aglobally respected leader indesign and innovation strategy.Over the past 10 years, we helped to create a blueprint for innovation in China and have actively participated in the rise of “Chinese innovative thinking”. We realize that we have arrived at theage of “Designed in China” (Click to get more information about what we have achieved in the past 10 years)
Speaking about the history of China Bridge, CEO Cathy Huang described it ashaving spent the last decade “sharpening our creative edge”.

- Over the last decade, China Bridge has established the firms’ core values of:passion,creativity, empathy, engagement, responsibility, and diversity.

- Great success is not an accident-it is based on accumulating numerous unique insights and experiences. We have completed 150 projects in varied industries; Automotive, F.M.C.G.,Consumer Electronics, Medical and Home Appliances. We have supported all of our clients to“Bridge their Next”.

- Success is also tightly linked to the passion of a company’s management team. The founder of China Bridge, Cathy Huang, has over 15 years practice in the field of design. Her enthusiasm and creative insight have made her an influential leader in the field of design. Under her direction, China Bridge has become a leading innovation consulting firm in China. In 2012 her entrepreneurial spirit gained recognition on a global scale as she washonored as one of fourteen top executives in Advertising Age’s “2012 Women to Watch China”.

- Management serves as the foundation but the team members of China Bridge are the pillars that support China Bridge. We are able to develop strategies to cross many divides due to the unique skills of our diverse team members. We are not only designers, researches, engineers, marketers and strategists but also explorers, enablers, influencers, partners, problem solvers and interdisciplinary thinkers.

- Of course we must also recognize the support of our partners and clients. Without whom we would never have managed to achieve such great success. Thank you!

We are confident that our achievements will continue to be greater each year.We look forward to working together with you in 2014 (and beyond) to help you gain more opportunities, develop more effective strategies and produce more innovative solutions.

Together let’s create a better future!


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