TU Delft Visiting Group to CBI


A student group with more than 30 postgraduate students of design and innovation from TU Delft, Netherlands visited CBI in the scorching July.

CBI welcomed those friends with cool drinks and local design information. In the conference room packed with audience, Cathy Huang, the president of CBI delivered a lecture about the current situation of industrial design in China. It's the first time for CBI to have so many visitors at the same time. Cathy's speech left a positive impression to the international students. They felt more confident when they saw what they're learning applied into real business. Some of them suggested having a short internship in CBI to experience the "full-contact" business.

Professors who were leading this group invited Cathy to TU Delft for more lectures.

TU Delft is a state university which conducts cutting edge research and provides first class education. In addition to national accreditation, many of TU Delft's educational programs have also been acknowledged by international organizations such as the American Board of Engineering & Technology (ABET).

Crowded CBI Office

Introduction of CBI

TU Delft Students

After-meeting Discussion


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