What do MBA students have to do with design?


On 4th June, the President and MBA students of the renowned Hult International Business School visited CBi China Bridge to exchange key points of business success with CBi’s President, Cathy Huang. CBi, as a leading force of the creative industry in China, made a unique impression on our guests, as they experienced firsthand how design and innovation-related projects are tackled by our teams with passion and creativity, facilitated by our open studio space that encourages communication and cross pollination of ideas.

Cathy then drew Hult’s student’s attention to the importance of integrating sound business management with visions in design by sharing her thoughts and values in building CBi in that direction in the past ten years. The President of Hult International Business School once again acknowledged the achievements and dedication of CBi.

Since its establishment, CBi has been making significant contributions to the innovation and development in China’s design industry. The annual Successful Design Awards-China, initiated by CBi, has been held successfully in the past 8 years and has become one of the most influential design awards in China.

In 2011, CBi launched the alternating bi-annual Global Service/ Sustainability Jam-Shanghai, which seeks like-minded people to create brand-new real-world designs, projects and initiatives that impact human experiences.In addition, CBi’s team is frequently invited to share creative insights and ideas on innovation and design at international conferences, such as ASPIRE leadership program in Belgium and Global Sustainability Jam. “I am glad to see that our company’s thoughts and experiences have benefited many young, international designers,” Cathy said. “We are pleased to do our best in that. We look forward to sharing and exchanging our experiences and successes with future designers and help inspire them on their professional journey.”


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