World-renowned furniture designer Professor Dirk Wynants shared innovative design concepts with CBi

World-renowned furniture designer, Professor Dirk Wynants, visited CBi on June 5th. He discussed CBi’s successful experiences in the design industry and shared current innovative design concepts with our designers.
How would a top designer define “Design”? 
Professor Wynants believes that design is honest and exists for a reason. It can serve people and improve quality of life. Therefore, product designers should take economic, ecological and ergonomic factors into account, and follow sustainable and practical principals. Well-designed products should provide tools for communication and community building by meeting people’s changing needs. This belief embodies the core value of Extremis, the company Professor Wynants founded in 1994.
Our design team also benefitted from Prof. Wynants’ thoughtful reminders on Art and Design. In his opinion, design is not equivalent to art. Art allows complete freedom in expression that reflects critical observations and insights of society. In contrast, design solutions are driven by inherent limitations and social needs. 
Then, CBi President Cathy Huang, Managing Director Rudy Wimmer and CBi team had a deeply exchange in design idea with Professor Wynants, and discussed about possible collaboration in the future.
Professor Dirk Wynants, born in Belgium, is a world-renowned furniture designer and founder of Extremis, a specialized furniture company. Since its establishment, Extremis has been recognized by the modern design industry and won a series of international design awards such as the Red Dot award, iF award, Good Design award, and Henry van de Velde award. In China, Prof. Dirk Wynants is a Master of Outdoor Durable Furniture and Equipments Design with The Beijing DeTao Masters Academy (DTMA) and has been invited to be a professor in Shanghai Institute of Visual Art.


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