Cathy Huang Invited as Keynote Speaker in 2009 International Conference: Project Infusion

Invited by Bruce Claxton,former President of IDSA and International Conference Chair, Cathy Huang, President of CBI will attend the 2009 International Conference: Project Infusion 23rd-26th September 2009 in Loews Miami Beach Hotel, USA.
This conference invites a group of design celebrities as speakers. Cathy Huang is the only keynote speaker from mainland China. For more information, go to
Cathy Huang will address a speech on the topic of 5 Elements of Innovation Management. Using the concepts of Wu Xing, the traditional Chinese philosophy that describes the interactions and relationships among things in the natural world, we focus on the critical interactions and relationships between the different organizational elements of Strategy, Leadership, Creativity, Culture, and Communication. The centuries old process of Observe, Learn, Ask, Interact helps our clients look at their entire organization, to learn from one another, and to share strategies, tactics, and skills to improve their performance and address their management challenges. These five key elements from Western innovation management theories combined with the time-honored Eastern elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water provide a unique way to utilize the wisdom of the past to improve current performance and to prepare for future success.
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Following is the keynote speakers list:
Don Abraham, Managing Director, Social Technologies
Eduardo Conrado, Senior Vice President of Global Business & Technology Marketing, Motorola, Inc.
Dr. Andrew Dent, Material ConneXion
Tom Dierking, Global Design Director of Innovation Capability, Procter & Gamble
Hugh Dubberly, Design Planner and Teacher
Cathy Huang, President, China Bridge International
Story Musgrave, NASA Astronaut
Garry K. (GK) VanPatter, Cofounder of Humantific
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