CBI Launch: A Snapshot of China's Design Industry: Current status and future prospects

A Snapshot of China's Design Industry: Current status and future prospects was launched by China Bridge International for practitioners to get a perspective about the current status of the Design Industry.
The survey was started in the beginning of 2009. The contents and perspectives presented are based on facts CBI collected via research, questionnaire and in-depth interviews at all levels of out industry focusing on the commercial position of design, management of design and the designers' skills, income, and working environment, etc. These perspectives are formulated from in-depth interviews focusing on facts and solutions that will provide forward progress.
Awell-printed 70 page report came into existence at the end of this April, named A Snapshot of China's Design Industry: Current status and future prospects. Itcan beacquired under the price of RMB 15,000.
For top management, the report helps
> to optimize organizational structure and improve management to increase company competiveness
> to build a motivated, united and high effective team by analyzing career demands and providing practical solutions
> to find target talents through clarifying selection criteria and improving assessment process
> to get a better understanding of design information channels and software
For governmental functions and design related organizations, the report helps
> to direct the industry development, and to conduct effective industry management, such as policy planning, industry standard establishing, etc., based on an in-depth understanding of China's design industry
> to develop and provide more effective training program and industry activities, which satisfied the demand of designers according to their benefits
For industry practitioners, the report helps
> to develop a clear and suitable career plan in long time
> to provide suggestions and guidance on necessary skills at all career stages
> to provide more design information channels
Download link for the Agreement of Report Ordering:The Subscription Agreement.rar
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