CBI Starts 2009 Chinese Designers Living Conditions Survey

CBI officially launches the 2009 Chinese Designers Living Conditions Survey and invites all Chinese designers to participate in it.
The survey aims to explore the living and development conditions of Chinese designers, and explain the deeper reasons and meanings reflected by these facts, in order to improve management levels throughout the whole industry. The subjects of this survey are people whose jobs are related to design, in design companies or design departments. The survey' s questions include salary level, organizational structure,information channels and cooperation culture. Every participant who completes the questionnaire will receive a free 2009 Chinese Designers Living Conditions Report.
CBI has invited partners to strengthen the influence of this survey, like Autodesk, Global Enterpriser Magazine, Art and Design Publishing, Shanghai Centre for Scientific and Technological Exchange with Foreign Countries (SSTEC), Guangdong Industrial Design Association, Shanghai Industrial Design Association and so on.
Questionnaire: January 21st - February 22th, 2009
Data Reduction: February 23th - March 6th, 2009
Compiling Report: March 9nd- April, 2009
Report release: April-May, 2009
Please download the questionnaire below to participate in this survey and send it back to Info@shcbi.com before February 13th, 2009.
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