China Luxury Consumption Research Project

As the economy growing dramatically, China has become one of the most important markets for international luxury brands. When Financial Crisis is sweeping all over the world, the luxury consumption in China is still in highly increasing. Since 2008, the sales of luxury product in China has increased 22%, while the sales in traditional luxury consumption nations, like Japan and US, have decreased about 35%. Therefore, many leading luxury brands have turned their strategic points to China.
 Invited by a famous global design strategy consultant company, CBI conducted a research project on China Luxury Consumption by using various research methods like In-depth Survey, Images Collage, Focus Group etc. CBI's research team analyzed consumption motive, consumer psychology, brand awareness and consumption behavior of the target population, and also provided different strategic advices according to different consumption types.
The result of this project has become the important component in the client's Global Luxury Consumption Research.
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