China, a new frontier for service design


With increased smart-phone penetration and 3G/4G networks proliferating, customers now are way closer to your brands than they ever have been. With utmost transparency, they can let the world know what they think of you, your products and your service, leaving very little room for brands to come up short of expectations. To help companies better understand service design and service design thinking, three pioneers in this practice -- Marc Stickdorn, Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence -- brought their weeklong workshop "This Is Service Design Doing" to Shanghai. 

The participants, who traveled from all over the world, joined the team at the Aalto Tongji Design Factory to learn how to apply service design tools to find innovative solutions to their business challenges. They learned not only about service design methods and tools, but also gathered confidence through hands-on practice, applying these concepts to actual problems. By applying ethnography, personas, stakeholder, value network, and customer journey mapping techniques, they gathered insights they could use to create new service blueprints and prototypes, and identify new business models.

As a wrap-up to the event, CBi China Bridge hosted the group to share our practical experience around service design for healthcare innovation in China. 

To learn more about the workshop, visit "This Is Service Design Doing". 

Marc Stickdorn is the co-author of the award-winning service design book "This is Service Design Thinking." To learn more about Marc, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

Markus Hormess is a service innovation expert and co-initiator of the world’s largest service design event, the "Global Service Jam." Find out more about Markus on his LinkedIn page.

Adam Lawrence is a service design and customer experience expert, as well as co-initiator (with Markus) of the "Global Service Jam." Adam's LinkedIn page can be seen here.

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